Get 50% off all Weldtite sealant, valves and accessories with every tyre purchase - Why we changed our name

You have probably arrived at this page wondering what happened to, which means we’ve done our job right, because that’s what this page is intended to explain.

We started out our journey here at The Bike Tyre Shop under a different name, - This was a fairly obvious (and admittedly not very inspired) pun on being tired from riding your bike.

Within a few months of the business bedding in and finding some traction, we realised that if a customer has had a good experience, and searches ‘bike tyred’ on search engines they get defaulted to a ‘did you mean bike tyres’ search.

The only problem was that because of the newness of our website, we hadn’t yet had a chance to rank for the term ‘bike tyres’, so nobody could find us again. Not a great position to be in as a retailer striving to provide an experience worthy of repeat business.

So we decided to bite the bullet, ditch the pun, and rebrand ourselves as The Bike Tyre Shop (this one was super inspired).

Rest assured we are still the same people, same service, same everything. Just now a little easier to find!

Thanks for being so understanding.

The Bike Tyre Shop