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Continental Der Baron Tyre

Aimed at wet and loose conditions, the Der Baron maintains grip as well as speed

Recommended Use: All Mountain/Trail Enduro Downhill


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Der Baron from Continental comes available in a ProTection Apex casing Black Chili compound combination as standard, delivering an optimum blend of performance characteristics. Whilst the ProTection Apex casing provides ample protection on the roughest of tracks, the Black Chili compound offers grip, speed and durability in abundance.

What is the intended use?

Designed to excel in the Enduro discipline, the Der Baron is better suited to wet and loose conditions across a range of terrains. The widely spaced aggressive tread pattern not only clears mud effectively, but delivers a high level of grip in every situation, whilst providing the right amount of protection for just about any terrain, all in a low weight package.

Our verdict

If you have long challenging winters or just want the best traction possible in the damp conditions, be sure to have the Der Baron in your collection. Perfect for a front tyre, or even as a pair for the optimal grip and cornering performance all day on loose trails.

Details & Technology


  • ProTection Apex

    Enduro specific casing designed to give hard hitting protection but keep the rolling weight lower. A protection layer sandwiched between 240tpi layers with extra 180tpi layers under the tread


  • Black Chili MTB

    Black Chili is continental's signature compound, and uses the latest knowledge and technological advancements to maximise grip and traction while keeping it fast rolling and durable. Depending on the intended use of the tyre, the blend is adjusted from gravity orientated soft grip, all the way up to fast rolling race tyres

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