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Continental Ride Tour Tyre

A true all round tyre to suit every surface, in a wide range of sizes

Recommended Use: City & Hybrid


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Ride Tour is available in a no frills Standard univeral compound, married to Continental's EXTRA casing, offering a higher level of puncture protection and abrasion resistance. A combination optimised for the highest level of performance acheivable, at an entry level price point.

What is the intended use?

Designed as an all-rounder, the Ride Tour delivers predictable and confidence inspiring attributes, across almost any terrain you come across in the City. The one-tread-fits-all design works well in a varity of weather conditions, whilst remaining compliant as a result of the 180TPI casing.

Our verdict

A do-it-all tyre to fit any bike, with diversity at the spearhead of design, the Continental Ride Tour deals with anything you throw at it.

Details & Technology



    This rugged rubber breaker, combined with extra rubber in the tyre sidewall ensures a high level of resistance to flats and sidewall abrasions


  • Standard

    Standard single rubber compound focussed on durability, longevity and performance

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