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Maxxis Griffin Tyre

Grip, rolling efficiency and control on dry, hardpack trails

Recommended Use: Enduro Downhill


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Griffin is available in multiple compounds and casings to suit your needs. Whether you want to save a little weight and prefer the longevity of the Double Down 3C Maxx Terra, or the all out downhill Casing making use of the soft , grippy Super Tacky and 3C Maxx Terra options.

What is the intended use?

Developed by Maxxis to have better rolling efficiency. The Griffin is better suited for dry, hardpack trails making good use of the heavily ramped centre knobs, whilst being reasurred by the support of the heavy hitting Casings and grippy Compounds.

Our verdict

If you love long enduro riding and really stack up the miles, but want the support and reassurance for hitting the bikeparks too then the Griffin is the tyre that will suit you. Often overlooked in the Maxxis range, this tyre offers superior rolling effiency with no compromise of durability or grip.

Details & Technology

Casing (choose from the following)

  • Double Down

    The Double Down casing has two 120 TPI layers with a reinforced butyl insert to provide support, and protection for enduro and some downhill riding, without the added weight of a full downhill casing

  • Downhill

    The Downhill casing from Maxxis is the ultimate in protection for aggressive enduro and downhill riding. It has a butyl insert in the side of the tyre for support when the going gets rough

Compound (choose from the following)

  • 3C Maxx Terra

    Three different compounds (3C), harder at the base, softer at the edges and medium in the middle. Maxx Terra is an intermediate blend to roll fast but still give good supportive grip. Designed to be used across all mountain biking disciplines from XC to downhill

  • Super Tacky

    Designed for all out grip and rebound absorption with the softest rubber compound throughout the tyre. Ideal for downhill

  • 3C Maxx Grip

    Three different compounds (3C), harder at the base, softer at the edges and medium in the middle. Maxx Grip uses the softest rubber for more of the tyre to prioritise grip and traction. Best used in downhill or steep trail riding where maintaining speed is not an issue

All Variations

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