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Michelin DH 34 Tyre

Race ready Downhill rubber designed for anything, from national tracks to the biggest bikeparks in the world

Recommended Use: Downhill


What technology does it use in its construction?

Michelin's DH34 is available in a couple of options, both with a standard Wire Bead, Tubeless Ready construction. The competition oriented Racing Line variant utilises a blend of the Magi-X-DH compound and Downhill Shield casing, grip and stability are delivered in abundance whilst remaining compliant. The 4 ply carcass features reinforcement to all areas, including Low Pressure Pinch Protection local to the Bead and sidewall and cross laid Bead to Bead Protection layers laid above a High Density Puncture Protection layer on the crown. The Bike Park model comes in a Gum-X compound mated to the 4x33TPI Gravity Shield casing, despite lacking some of the additional protection compared to its sibling, this bike park specific version has been optimised for speed and durability, whilst being more accessible with a mid range price point.

What is the intended use?

Designed exclusively for Downhill, the DH34 has been optimised for hard, bike park surfaces and mixed terrains, wet or dry, whilst a good level of grip is retained on softer ground. The fastest DH specific tyre in Michelin range offering outstanding performance, ensuring speed, incredible cornering grip and maximum braking traction as well as stability on harder ground at high speeds, in all weathers, temperatures.

Our verdict

Tough, grippy and speed oriented, designed for the fastest downhill riders in the world and weekend warriors alike.

Details & Technology

Casing (choose from the following)

  • Gravity Shield

    Gravity Shield casings are manufactured to provide the optimal balance of performance characteristics within the Enduro discipline, lightweight, durable and robust featuring improved puncture protection as a result of the 3 layer 60TPI or 33TPI high-density fibre reinforcement ply construction

  • Downhill Shield

    A double reinforced casing with a 4 ply construction, allowing good stud penetration and compliance on soft, while combining stability and support on harder terrain, superior levels of puncture resistance delivering maximum control at low pressures

Compound (choose from the following)

  • Gum-X

    Series of rubbers which combine different performance characteristics: grip, efficiency and durability.

  • Magi-X DH

    A new generation of top performance rubber, designed exclusively for Gravity riding and Downhill race scenarios, providing maximum braking and cornering grip in all conditions and temperatures, even at very high speeds.

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