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Michelin E-Wild Tyre

Immensley robust E-Bike specific Enduro tyres, designed to cope with increased miles and additional load from modern electric bicycles

Recommended Use: Downhill


What technology does it use in its construction?

The E-Wild comes packed with latest gear to cope with the additional strains of modern E-Bikes. Available in Front and Rear specific models, both variations benefit from Michelin's optimal blend of technologies, including the Tubeless Ready, Folding Bead construction, reinforced by their Gravity Shield casing, mated to the E-Gum-X energy saving compound. The Front comes with a lighter triple layer 60TPI carcass with naturally slightly less protection, whereas the Rear comes equipped with additional Pinch Protection locally to the beads of the 3x33TPI body.

What is the intended use?

Optimised for Enduro riding, to be used exclusively on E-Bikes, Michelin's E-Wild performs equally across a range of hardpack and mixed to soft terrains, in varying weathers. With the pinnacle of protection on offer to combat punctures and additional lateral loads, this modern rubber provides better rolling strength and lower energy consumption simulateneously whilst gripping in the most unpredictable of trail conditions.

Our verdict

A fantastic set of front and rear E-Bike specific tyres, a perfect upgrade or replacement to your latest generation of bike. Ride further, climb faster and attack harder.

Details & Technology


  • E-Gum-X

    Optimised mixture of rubbers specially developed for the practice of the MTB with electric assistance


  • Gravity Shield

    Gravity Shield casings are manufactured to provide the optimal balance of performance characteristics within the Enduro discipline, lightweight, durable and robust featuring improved puncture protection as a result of the 3 layer 60TPI or 33TPI high-density fibre reinforcement ply construction

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