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Michelin Force XC Tyre

Fast rolling Cross Country race tyre developed on the World Cup circuit for precise traction and efficiency

Recommended Use: Cross Country All Mountain/Trail


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Force XC comes in a couple of options, both equipped with Tubeless Ready, Folding Bead carcasses. The Perfomance Line option is available in Michelin's optimum blend of Standard compound, Standard casing formula, to ensure well rounded performance with longevity and robustness at the forefront. The Competition Line is constructed with a superior Gum-X2D compound, Race Shield casing configuration, designed to deliver unrivalled speed, grip and protection on the most demanding of courses.

What is the intended use?

Better suited for XC use and optimised for dry hardpack & loose over hard terrains, the Force XC boasts agility and versatility, making it extremely useful for not only cross country races, but everyday use also. The tread pattern has been designed to deliver exceptional grip and rolling performance, whilst both casings on offer provide high levels of puncture protection. The Performance Line variant serves great purpose for intensive use with a mid-range price point, whilst the lighweight Competion Line model, developed on the World Cup Circuit, provides impeccable attributes at the cost of longevity.

Our verdict

One of the best XC tyres on the market, with plenty of sizing and technology options available. Fast, reliable and consitent, suitable for front and rear use.

Details & Technology

Casing (choose from the following)

  • Standard

    Standard tyre casing construction with a focus on durability, longevity and performance

  • Cross Shield

    Cross Shield casings are manufactured to provide the optimal balance of performance characteristics within the XC discipline, lightweight, compliant and durable, featuring improved puncture protection as a result of the 3 layer 110TPI high-density fibre reinforcement ply construction

Compound (choose from the following)

  • Standard

    Standard single rubber compound focussed on durability, longevity and performance

  • Gum-X2D

    A combination of two different rubber compounds, a base layer which is directly linked to the pedalling power and an outer rubber to maximize power without compromising traction

All Variations

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