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Michelin Mud Enduro Tyre

The harsh weather Enduro specialist, precision and control in the toughest of conditions

Recommended Use: Enduro


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Mud Enduro comes off the shelf in the Michelin's Magi-X compound, Gravity Shield casing combination, providing superb performance in the toughest of weathers. This tyre delivers control, predictability and protection, through high braking efficiency, extra grip and reinforcement, featuring Cuttable Blocks, forming a 2-in-1 style product where reduced tread can perform better in mixed conditions.

What is the intended use?

Equipped with an optimal blend of cutting edge Michelin technologies, designed for Gravity based disciplines. The Mud Enduro has been designed to perform best in the harshest of conditions, in thick mud and soft ground where relying grip and stability is key. The tall customizable aggressive lugs dig deep into dirt finding confidence and predictability beneath.

Our verdict

The perfect tyre for the muddiest of riding, after a race run back up when the weather turns or prepearring for the long winter? look know further than the Michelin Mud Enduro

Details & Technology


  • Gravity Shield

    Gravity Shield casings are manufactured to provide the optimal balance of performance characteristics within the Enduro discipline, lightweight, durable and robust featuring improved puncture protection as a result of the 3 layer 60TPI or 33TPI high-density fibre reinforcement ply construction


  • Magi-X

    An optimal series of rubbers specifically designed for Enduro use, which deliver outstanding performance characteristics, efficiency, grip and compliance

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