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Vittoria Adventure Tech Tyre

Fast rolling centre with a mild side tread. City and touring performance in all conditions

Recommended Use: City & Hybrid


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Adventure Tech is available in a Solid Sheilding casing, featuring Vittoria's 3mm anti-puncture layer technology under the tread. The Graphene 2.0 compound is constructed of 2 rubber composites, harder in the middle for durability and rolling speed, with mild shoulders for increased grip and predictability.

What is the intended use?

Designed to excel in the Urban enviroment across a range of conditions, the City and Touring Adventure Tech delivers balanced characteristics provididng ample levels of efficiency, speed and durability for every mile exploring the streets.

Our verdict

A fantastic Urban oriented tyre from Vittoria, giving you reassurance against punctures and safety with reflective stripes, making you visible to other road users.

Details & Technology


  • Solid Shielding

    Special puncture protecting layer


  • Graphene 2.0

    Two separate compounds, harder centre to protect against punctures and keep rolling resistance down, softer at the edges to provide cornering grip and confidence

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