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Vittoria Agarro Tyre

Less aggressive tread for predictable grip and efficiency in a range of conditions

Recommended Use: All Mountain/Trail Enduro


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Agarro comes available in Vittoria's Trail TNT casing, paired with the 4C Graphene 2.0 compound. The tubeless casing provides ample puncture resistance across the tread with additional protection at the bead level, whilst the 4 rubber compound make-up offers a range of superior grip, rolling efficiency and stability, delivering maximum traction and control, while minimizing abrasions and wear.

What is the intended use?

Optimised for Trail and All Mountain disciplines, the Agarro utilizes proven technologies and traits from tyres in the Enduro and XC range, delivering a well rounded package of predictable grip, stability and efficiency in a range of terrains and conditions.

Our verdict

If your looking for the speed of a fast rolling XC tyre, but want the grip of an aggressive Enduro tyre. The Vittoria Agarro is the tyre for you, performing well in a range of situations.

Details & Technology


  • Trail TNT

    Trail TNT has a 120 TPI Nylon protective layer on each side and anti pinch flat rubber inserts placed over the beads. This option is recommended for people looking for an all round tyre with good protection for most types of trails


  • 4C Graphene 2.0

    Four separate compounds, a tough base compound to protect against punctures with a hard one in the centre tread to minimise rolling resistance. The edges have a stable compound as a foundation and then a softer surface compound to provide grip and traction

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