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Continental Kryptotal Rear Tyre

The rear specific mountain specialist, promoting a fine balance of compliance, grip and braking characteristics

Recommended Use: All Mountain/Trail Enduro Downhill


What technology does it use in its construction?

Continental's Kryptotal Rear comes in various Tubeless Ready options tailored to your need. The sturdy 6/110 TPI Downhill Casing, SuperSoft and Soft Compound combinations optimised for protection and grip over speed, through the mid-range 3/110 TPI Enduro Casing Soft Compound for the perfect balance of protection and traction and braking, right down to the longevity focussed Endurance Compound, 3/60 TPI Trail Casing variations where rolling efficiency and predictability is paramount.

What is the intended use?

The Kryptotal Rear from Continental has been optimised for rear wheel use, in mixed terrain and conditions, providing superior braking, traction and track stability. The use of steep and shallow ramps across the centre tread breadth delivers a perfect balance of compliance, rolling resistance, self cleaning and power transmission properties. Better suited with the Kryptotal Front specific tyre dressing the front wheel.

Our verdict

If you ride or race anything from All Mountain/Trail events to Downhill, the Continental Kryptotal Rear is the perfect addition to your tyre collection. Designed to excel on the rear with incredible traction under braking and supportive shoulder knobs, but also suitable up front with a fast rolling rear tyre to cover not-so-aggressive trails.

Details & Technology

Casing (choose from the following)

  • Downhill Casing

    An extremely robust carcass construction, featuring Apex technology for increased snake-bite support, within a foldable aramid Tubeless ready bead, made up of 4 layers of 110 TPI material for compliance and adaptivity, with an additional 2 layers under the tread to ensure robustness and puncture protection

  • Enduro Casing

    An exceptionally versatile construction, housing Apex technology for increased snake-bite support, paired with additional cross woven side wall support preventing slashes. Made up of 2 layers of 110 TPI carcass material for improved compliance, an additional layer under the tread provides increased puncture protection, all with a foldable aramid Tubeless ready bead

  • Trail Casing

    A lightweight fabrication, featuring a foldable aramid Tubeless ready bead, made up of 2 layers of 60TPI carcass material for optimal conformity, with an additional layer locally at the crown aiding puncture protection and robustness

Compound (choose from the following)

  • Soft Compound

    Balanced for high grip and good rolling resistance characteristics, using BlackChili technology for gravity focussed disciplines. Optimised for rear wheel DH rolling properties or for the perfect combination across Enduro and Trail riding

  • Super Soft Compound

    Optimised for descending, the softest and grippiest compound with BlackChili for 100% focus on grip, traction and control

  • Endurance Compound

    Utilising BlackChili and designed to deliver an optimal balance of grip and good rolling efficiency whilst retaining longevity and durability. A compound choice for trail riding and endurance

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