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Maxxis Aspen Tyre

Lightweight cross country racing tyre designed for low resistance and high speed

Recommended Use: Cross Country


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Maxxis Aspen comes in the popular EXO casing with Dual Compound rubber (soft on the edges for grip, hard in the middle for durability and speed). Supplied in a range of sizes and widths to suit a range of different bikes and applications.

What is the intended use?

The Aspen is designed to be a lightweight cross country race tyre with low rolling resistance in the centre tread when travelling in straight lines while still delivering reliable cornering grip on the edges. Ideal for dry hardpack courses where you can get the grip you need from a low profile tyre.

Our verdict

If you’re into your cross country racing and want to gain those extra seconds over your rivals then the Aspen is for you. Only really suitable in dry, harder conditions due to the low profile centre tread, you can still really lean it over in the corners and push the edges to the limit.

Details & Technology


  • EXO

    EXO casing is the most popular casing from Maxxis, and features a densely woven fabric which is flexible and lightweight to protect against cuts and punctures. This is recommended for trail riding, all mountain and occasional enduro


  • Dual Compound

    Designed for durability and long lasting performance. There are two rubber compounds, a harder one for low rolling resistance and a softer one for increased cornering grip

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