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Maxxis Assegai Tyre

Greg Minnaar's signature tyre for grip in all conditions

Recommended Use: All Mountain/Trail Enduro Downhill


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Assegai comes in a broad range of casings and compounds mainly tailored towards the gravity side of mountain biking. Choose from the popular intermediate EXO casing, EXO + for that little bit extra protection, or Double Down and Downhill for the really rough stuff. The choice of compound is either the long-lasting Dual Compound, the ‘grippy yet durable’ 3C Maxx Terra or the all out downhill grip 3C Maxx Grip

What is the intended use?

The Maxxis Assegai is Greg Minnaars signature tyre and he has used his decades of experience in the sport to deliver a four season, multi-discipline all rounder without any of the negatives you would normally get from a tyre trying to tick all the boxes at once. Fast rolling, super grippy on wet rocks and roots, and ready to offer you the upmost in support and confidence when needed.

Our verdict

This is in our opinion, one of the best tyres to come from Maxxis in recent years. You can ride it on your trail bike or your downhill bike, and find the same consistency and grip no matter what conditions you end up in. Ideal as a front tyre, with something a bit more playful in the back, or front and back for that racer point-and-shoot style. This tyre excels on wet, slippery roots and rocks when used in the 3C Maxx Grip compound.

Details & Technology

Casing (choose from the following)

  • Double Down

    The Double Down casing has two 120 TPI layers with a reinforced butyl insert to provide support, and protection for enduro and some downhill riding, without the added weight of a full downhill casing

  • EXO +

    The EXO+ casing has a layer of EXO protection with an additional layer inside of SilkShield which will help protect the entire tyre from punctures and tears

  • EXO

    EXO casing is the most popular casing from Maxxis, and features a densely woven fabric which is flexible and lightweight to protect against cuts and punctures. This is recommended for trail riding, all mountain and occasional enduro

  • Downhill

    The Downhill casing from Maxxis is the ultimate in protection for aggressive enduro and downhill riding. It has a butyl insert in the side of the tyre for support when the going gets rough

Compound (choose from the following)

  • 3C Maxx Grip

    Three different compounds (3C), harder at the base, softer at the edges and medium in the middle. Maxx Grip uses the softest rubber for more of the tyre to prioritise grip and traction. Best used in downhill or steep trail riding where maintaining speed is not an issue

  • 3C Maxx Terra

    Three different compounds (3C), harder at the base, softer at the edges and medium in the middle. Maxx Terra is an intermediate blend to roll fast but still give good supportive grip. Designed to be used across all mountain biking disciplines from XC to downhill

  • Dual Compound

    Designed for durability and long lasting performance. There are two rubber compounds, a harder one for low rolling resistance and a softer one for increased cornering grip

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