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Michelin Dynamic Classic Tyre

Stylish, affordable, versatile and robust City tyre perfect for daily use

Recommended Use: City & Hybrid


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Dynamic Classic is available in a Michelin Standard compound, Standard casing configuration with folding and wire bead options in a stylish classic skin sidewall. The triple layer 30TPI carcass offers durability and performance in abundance, prioritising reliability above all else.

What is the intended use?

Blurring the line between City/Hybrid and Road use, the Dynamic Classic is a true all rounder and diverse tyre placed at the lower end of Michelin's Access Line. This affordable rubber provides balanced entry level characteristics across a range of weathers and paved surfaces, focusing on durability and robustness compared to its sibling the Dynamic Sport.

Our verdict

A stylish classic, complimenting the aesthetics of your bike wherever you take it.

Details & Technology


  • Standard

    Standard tyre casing construction with a focus on durability, longevity and performance


  • Standard

    Standard single rubber compound focussed on durability, longevity and performance

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