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Michelin Stargrip Tyre

The urban tyre thats not limited by weather, go all out in all conditions

Recommended Use: City & Hybrid


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Stargrip comes in a Standard compound, HD Protection reinforced 3x30TPI carcass, focusing on grip and durability. Michelin's featured Star Tread design provides impeccable grip in all weathers, but excels on slippery surfaces as a result of the carefully designed tread pattern.

What is the intended use?

Optimised for some of the worst Road conditions in the Urban enviroment, Michelin's Stargrip performs its best in slippery and inconsistent weathers. Whether you are riding on snow or wet, dirty roads covered in leaves, this tyre delivers oustanding grip and confidence, while the high-density Nylon protection layer under the tread combats any punctures you may encounter.

Our verdict

An extremely versatile Road tyre, allowing you to go further in the harshest of weathers.

Details & Technology


  • HD Protection

    The high-density cross-laid textile anti-puncture reinforcement, providing an excellent balance between perforation resistance and rolling efficiency without compromising weight


  • Star Tread

    A Eurobike Award 2012 technology, the tread pattern and compound offers increased block mobility and localized pressurization to maximize grip. The star shape of the tread blocks has numerous biting edges, providing multi-directional mobility for maximum grip.

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