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Schwalbe Big Betty Tyre

Downhill and enduro all rounder for dry to damp conditions. Ideal on the rear

Recommended Use: All Mountain/Trail Enduro Downhill


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Big Betty comes in a broad range of casings and compounds mainly tailored towards the gravity side of mountain biking. Choose from the popular intermediate Super Trail casing, Super Gravity for that little bit extra protection, the Super Downhill for the really rough stuff, or the Bike Park Performance casing for the hard-wearing, low price point option. The choice of compounds are Addix Performance focusing on longevity and durability over grip, Addix Soft - an intermediate balance of grip and durability bridging the gap between Trail riding and Downhill. Also on offer is Addix Ultra Soft, suited toward Enduro and Downhill where grip is prioritized over rolling efficiency.

What is the intended use?

Schwalbe's Big Betty is suitable across a range of disciplines. Optimised for Downhill and Enduro as an all rounder in damp to dry conditions in a mixture of terrains.

Our verdict

If you ride or race anything from All Mountain/Trail events to Downhill, the Big Betty is the perfect addition to your tyre collection. Ideal as a rear with incredible traction under braking and supportive shoulder knobs, but also suitable up front with a fast rolling rear tyre to cover not-so-aggressive trails.

Details & Technology

Casing (choose from the following)

  • Super Downhill

    The Super Downhill casing has a massive 6 layers of protection for the most aggressive of riding. Suitable for heavy enduro and downhill riding.

  • Super Gravity

    Super Gravity is Schwalbes aggressive trail and enduro casing, with four layers of protection against rocks, punctures and tears and good support

  • Super Trail

    The Super Trail casing has three layers of protection, including a puncture resistant layer, and an Apex side wall insert this is the best option for all mountain trail riding and light enduro

  • BikePark

    The BikePark casing is designed to give maximum durability, support and puncture protection at an affordable price point

  • Super Ground

    The Super Ground casing is often found on more trail or cross country specific tyres as its thinner and lighter than the more aggressive casings. 3 layers of protection combine light weight and stability

Compound (choose from the following)

  • Addix Ultra Soft

    Addix Ultra Soft is a downill and enduro specific compound where grip is more important than maintaining speed, it uses the softest rubber to stick to the ground and absorb some of the rough stuff.

  • Addix Soft

    Designed to bridge everything from casual trail riding to downhill racing, Addix Soft provides the perfect balance between durability and grip with it's intermediate compound

  • Addix Performance

    Addix Performance is a versatile, universal compound focussed on durability and performance

All Variations

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