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Schwalbe Black Jack Tyre

A versatile tyre with good grip and rolling efficiency, perfect for beginners participating in the MTB and Touring discipline

Recommended Use: All Mountain/Trail Cross Country


What technology does it use in its construction?

Schwalbe's Black Jack comes available with the K-Guard casing as standard, providing an intermediate level of puncture protection as a result of the natural layer of rubber local to the tyre's crown. The SBC (Schwalbe Basic Compound) is specified in the majority of the range, delivering a fantastic blend of grip, efficiency and durability, whilst the special Black'n'Roll compound comes in the 12", 16" and 18" size options to prevent unsightly skid marks on floors from the younger generations.

What is the intended use?

Designed with versatility as the priority, Schwalbe's Black Jack is predominantly aimed at the beginner and younger mountain bike market, but is not restricted to off road terrain. The tread pattern has been optimised to provide good grip and rolling efficiency across a range of terrains in various conditions, the continuous centre rib delivers a quiet and smooth riding experience on tarmac and paved surfaces, while the open shoulders deliver ample off-road grip.

Our verdict

An extremely popular intermediate tyre for a wide range of uses for all ages, predictable and reliable performance at an attractive price point.

Details & Technology


  • K-Guard

    Natural rubber insert reinforced with kevlar fibres under the tread, to provide durable puncture protection

Compound (choose from the following)

  • Black N Roll

    Black N Roll is a special rubber compound for wheelchairs. It leaves no marks on indoor floors and lasts much longer than the normal grey wheelchair tires

  • SBC

    SBC (Schwalbe Basic Compound) is a quality compound for use across all disciplines

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