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Vittoria Syerra Tyre

Aggressive XC/Down Country tyre with reinforced casing to protect against the harsh terrain, whilst maintaining all the speed and rolling performance of a traditional XC tyre

Recommended Use: Cross Country All Mountain/Trail


What technology does it use in its construction?

The Syerra comes of the shelf in and blend of Vittoria's proprietary top performance technologies, with a Graphene enhanced 4C compound, providing unrivalled grip, rolling speed, efficiency and compliance. bonded to the new DWN.CTRY casing offering the weight and speed characteristics of a traditional XC tyre, whilst odopting robust protection benefits from trail tyres in their range. The 60 TPI construction features a nylon breaker protecting against punctures local to the tread breadth, with anti-pinchflat inserts to bolster up protection and lateral defence above the bead. Ensuring a fast, capable but reliable set of rubber.

What is the intended use?

Developed to meet the requirements of modern day XC and the emerging Down Country market. The Vittoria Syerra is better suited to aggressive XC and light trail scenarios, across a wide range of terrains and weathers, with the 4C Graphene 2.0 proving more than capable in both the wet and dry. Inheriting a similar tread pattern to the Trail/Enduro specific Agarro, the Syerra features less pronounced knobs to ensure rolling speed and efficiency, while the burly shoulders deliver grip and confidence in the most technical of off camber turns, retaining important conformity as a result of the carefully located sipes.

Our verdict

An incredible new generation tyre for the harshest of XC rides, be it your next demanding Cross Country event or for your local laps on your new Down Country bike. Miles of fun whilst having the reassurance of protection, speed and grip in abundance.

Details & Technology


  • 4C Graphene 2.0

    Four separate compounds, a tough base compound to protect against punctures with a hard one in the centre tread to minimise rolling resistance. The edges have a stable compound as a foundation and then a softer surface compound to provide grip and traction



    The ultimate casing construction, for aggressive XC and Down Country applications. Combining technologies from Vittoria's popular XC and Trail Tyre casings to create robust and capable performance characteristics. A 60 TPI fabrication featuring a nylon layer lying locally underneath the main tread breadth, reinforced with anti-pinchflat rubber inserts above the bead to increase lateral defence and provide ample protection against tears, trail debris

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